High Frequency Tools & Why Your Next Facial Needs To Include It

High Frequency Tools & Why Your Next Facial Needs To Include It

I love going above and beyond for my clients. One thing I like to add during facials, that you don’t always get, is High Frequency. Not everyone does it and it’s not in your normal facial, but it is one of my favorite tools to you. 

So what exactly is a High Frequency Tool? It is a glass tool that emisses a slight electrical current, which passes through the glass electrode (the tool), causing that red subtle glow you see and a small buzzing noise! During this enriched oxygen molecules are produced that create antibacterial actions and tissue warming. This is what helps your skin! It helps your blood vessels push away toxins while also providing your skin with nutrients and hydration. And finally, all of that also supports an increased level of collagen! 

There is a lot of science involved in it, but what you need to take away is that High Frequency can be used to treat a variety of skin treatments, such as acne, fine lines, pores and wrinkles in a healthy and gentle way! 

It doesn’t hurt, in fact you won’t feel it, but you will be left with soft and energized skin after just one use. 

High Frequency is a great addition to your facial and if you’re looking to improve your acne, skin texture or just have a little bit deeper treatment on your skin - look into a custom facial session with me and ask to include High Frequency! I will always consult to make sure it’s the right decision but no one can go wrong with adding this as a special treat for your skin! 

Enjoy and I hope you learned something new.

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