Viviane Aires - July 13, 2022

Sculptural Face Lift and Buccal Massage  

Imagine being able to reduce tension in your face and get a more sculpted look without surgery. The sculptural facelift with buccal massage may be the spa treatment of your dreams. It is in high demand by those who want a natural, rejuvenating alternative to injectables. Many say it is like getting a facelift without surgery.

Viviane Aires Skin Wellness is one of the first facial studios in Pennsylvania to offer this service to clients. Jenn Frederick and the team at FOX29 Good Day Philadelphia stopped by to get a better understanding of the benefits. 

buccal massage new facial tecnique improves circulation to jaw and cheeks

New facial technique improves circulation  

Viviane Aires learned and was certified by Yakov Gershkovic, the founder of the revolutionary method of natural rejuvenation with Sculptural Face Lifting. She said, what it is also doing is releasing tension because we have a tendency to clench our jaw. So then everything becomes constricted. The massage helps to release this tension and we’re going to work from inside the mouth. 

Good Day Philadelphia co-host Mike Jerrick likes the idea of Sculpural Face Lifting  

Because of the high demand, Aires’ facial studio is booked 6-months in advance. However a Virtual Skin Consultation can provide some tips on things you can do at home to start or improve your routine.

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Want to learn more about the buccal massage and is it right for you?A Virtual Skin Consultation with Viviane provides an assessment and tips on things you can do at home to start or improve your routine.