It is within my best personal practice, as required by state law and in accordance with sanitation procedures; to uphold and maintain high levels of protection against the spread of infectious/communicable diseases.


I, myself, will not treat or see any clients whom may have been exposed to or feeling symptoms of COVID-19 or any related infectious, viral, bacterial, etc. diseases or conditions. As already stated in my intake form, I will not see clients who may have any level or symptoms (current or lingering) of communicable (bacterial/viral) infections/conditions. This is strictly enforced to maintain my safety and the safety of all those I treat and come in contact with on a daily basis.

I do ensure high levels of sanitation which according to law, include but are not limited to, the regular use of broad-spectrum disinfectants on all tools/implements and surfaces, proper and frequent hand-washing and sanitizing between clients, frequent bed linen-changing, open access to hand sanitizer, increased wiping and deep cleansing in all areas where I am treating clients, air purifiers, and sanitizing products/implements using sanitizers with UV light among other procedures.

I have the safety of you and all of my clients in mind. I am currently taking clients but as per my usual protocol, we will be having thorough consultations and all intake/consent forms MUST be signed and read in completion prior to treatment.

Please do inform me (with ample time, if you can) with your best knowledge if you are unable to be treated and for what reason. If for any reason you suspect you have fallen ill, please seek necessary treatment and continue to rest/recover. Refer to the CDC and the World Health Organization to stay informed, not panicked during this time. If you have questions, please ask.

Thank you and be well,

Viviane Aires 

Esthetician & Founder of

Viviane Aires Skin Wellness