How This Single Mom Turned Her Layoff Into a New Spa Business and Got Booked for an Entire Year

PHILADELPHIA, PA (SEPTEMBER 15, 2021) - When Viviane Aires learned she was getting laid-off from the luxury day spa in Philly she knew it was time to get busy. Now she had to tap into her 18-years of spa experience to create revenue for herself and her son. Doing this during a pandemic that was devastating the entire spa industry would be a challenge. 

How would she get started and build a successful spa business?

Viviane Aires

Having emigrated to the US from Brazil entrepreneurship was baked into her foundation. Viviane’s journey started with working as a nanny, and by 2019 she was recognized as “Best Esthetician” by Philadelphia Magazine

She is or was able to transform client’s skin and also educate them about skin health. Many left with glowy skin after their first appointment that made them re-book again and again. Her   services were in demand by a wide range of clients.  

The culture of the beauty industry has long been shaped by white European standards. The copying and pasting of images is being challenged as the diversity of women increases in media especially digitally online.

Diversity of skin tones in beauty industry demand representation

This new movement seeks to expand inclusivity in images, products, beauty and wellness professionals’ staff and services.

Women of color are demanding more personalized attention to their skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, acne, melasma, and aging. There is also evidence of a link to stress. “Skincare is self-care,” says Viviane.

Why not simplify the idea of beauty? Inspire women to take care of their skin and also increase their sense of self-worth by helping them understand their skin needs and view themselves as beautiful.

This is the foundation of Viviane Aires Skin Wellness. 

Viviane Aires Skin Wellness

Being an educator is a key part of Viviane’s professional training. She got her start in the industry by working as a massage therapist at a five-star hotel. 

A manager encouraged her to consider becoming an esthetician. Viviane went through an esthetics program, and got her license. Sometimes she found herself doing makeup, massage and facials for the same client. 

Her skills and drive were recognized by a leading product brand. She was recruited to travel internationally including Panama, Bora Bora and Montreal. 

Women that are divorced, retiring and evaluating their lives are often searching for that which makes them unique. They ask, “What is the next chapter of my life?” 

Many women are getting sick because they are stressed, tired or sometimes hopeless about their life situation. At times you become so attached to “the story” you’ve told yourself for many years that it is now comfortable. You have to recognize this is a choice. 

Viviane says, decide what you want to do, reassess and be excited. 

Today you can curate your own lifestyle on social media. Using images, you can create an online boutique. Tap into social media as a tool to make yourself visible to an audience, follow your passion and get paid.  

Viviane Aires Skin Wellness

There will be obstacles to overcome. As Aires planned her new facial studio and online business, she experienced a health challenge. Doctors told her she would need hip-replacement surgery.  

She viewed the operation as a learning experience and a way to test her view of self-care. In addition to her son she also supports her family in Brazil. Her go-getter mentality was activated. 

It’s important for entrepreneurs to identify their passion, develop it and explore it. With the internet there is no barrier. 

For VASW this means e-commerce by way of her online store and virtual consultations, building an engaged social media audience and providing client services at her studio. She has been booked the entire year and has a three-month plus wait list.  

“It’s all connected”, she says. It is 18-years of preparation. And more is to come including new services like the Sculptural Face Lifting massage, a favorite of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.  

This is a natural rejuvenation and face contouring technique. It is effective in muscle relaxation, restores elasticity and tightens and prevents premature wrinkles.

Sculptural Facelifting Technique, SFL

Viviane trained with Yakov Gershkovich, author, creator and master trainer of the Sculptural Face Lifting method. She is now certified as the only esthetician in the Philadelphia to provide this treatment.  

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