Masks have become an everyday essential for our protection and the protection of others however wearing fabric on your face all day can definitely cause some skin concerns such as acne and skin irritation. Keep reading to see our advice on how to maintain gorgeous skin while staying healthy & safe. 

Now more than ever you skincare is critical, your mouth produces heat and bacteria, and the mask is keeping that all trapped in directly on your face. Our advice, wear less make up, adhere to that skin care 100%, and go make that dermatologist visit you’ve been putting off. These Mask cover 75% of your face so now is the perfect time to putting more effort into your skincare and  to show  off those  fantastic lashes. 

Keep it clean.  The number 1 goal of a face mask is to  limit the spread of bacteria between each other. With that in mind, it is important to think about how much your mask gets exposed to! 

When you’re on the go your outer mask comes  into contact with dander, pollen and pollution, while the inner catches bacteria from your mouth and nose. When you have this much bacteria present and combine that with direct skin contact you may find yourself with facing terrible break outs.  

Our advice, try your best to change those mask after a day of use! We know, it may seem wasteful but for your health and the sake of your skin, limit your reuse of mask.  If you find yourself sporting a cloth mask, try to keep a couple in rotation. Masks have become a part of our everyday routine and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, so make sure your health comes first! 

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