Viviane Aires, VASW
Meet Viviane Aires. Award winner, esthetician, skincare coach, beauty and wellness expert.


“As a Brazilian native, I learned early that self-care is a sacred act from my mother. She taught me the importance of beauty through healthy habits. I believe that anyone can achieve beautiful, radiant skin through a commitment to self-care. As an esthetician with over 18 years of experience, I intuitively take time to understand my clients’ needs and approach each skincare regimen very uniquely. My mission is to inspire, educate, and transforms the perception of the beauty of man and women through my work.” says Aires

Voted ‘2019’s The Best Esthetician in Philadelphia’ by Philadelphia Magazine, Viviane sees skin as a beautiful range of hues as blank canvases onto which different looks can be projected. Her frequent travel throughout Europe, South America, and Japan have helped refine her philosophy on beauty. She excels at defining her clients’ specific skin conditions and needs, recommending customized treatments, and providing individualized consulting to support their short and long-term skincare needs. 

An award-winning esthetician, make-up artist, and massage therapist, Viviane received formal training at LT International Beauty School in Philadelphia and completed advanced post-graduate work at Philadelphia and New York’s renowned International Dermal Institute. She also trained under Dr. Susan Taylor and Dr. Candrice Heath, dermatologists specialized in skin color diagnosis and treatments. 

Viviane is an expert in crafting skincare solutions for women of color and specializes in skin aging management, acne skin treatments, and pigmentation concerns. Her aspiration as one of the best estheticians in Philadelphia is to inculcate a self-love culture in women and empower them by making them feel beautiful in their skin. After all, nothing glows brighter than a woman with confidence. 

Her skin treatment regimes have been inspired and perfected from her travels to some of the best international spas around the world in Tahiti, Panama, Canada, California, New York, Chicago, and Seattle. Her expertise gleaned from her travels, combined with her Brazilian ancestry's beauty secrets, make her beauty and wellness approach revolutionary, relevant, and effective.