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A journey of Success: Viviane Aires Skin Wellness and the immigrant experience

A Journey of Success: Viviane Aires Skin Wellness and the Immigrant Experience

Estheticians love skin. We get to witness its incredible transformations, the way a healthy glow can boost confidence, and how pampering treatments can melt away stress.

In 1999, I landed in the US, swapping the vibrant shores of Brazil for the unfamiliar streets of a new land. I started working in the US as a nanny, my days filled with the giggles and sticky fingers of little ones. But underneath, a dream simmered – the dream of running my show, of building a space where beauty and well-being intertwined. With a series of fateful events, my passion, hard work, and the encouragement of a few friends I was able to study massage therapy. Initially a side hustle, soon it became my full-time gig. For three amazing years, I had the privilege of working as a massage therapist at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia. During this time, I also had the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming an esthetician.

It was an incredible journey that allowed me to travel both nationally and internationally, representing various skincare product lines as an educator. However, I eventually decided to settle down at Rescue Spa in Philadelphia, where I was able to elevate my skincare knowledge. There, I dedicated myself to providing exceptional facials and advanced skin treatments, instilling confidence and serenity in every client I had the pleasure of working with. All my hard work paid off in 2019 when I was honored with the prestigious Philadelphia Magazine 2019 Best Esthetician award. It was truly a humbling and rewarding experience.

Then, 2020 arrived, and with it, an unexpected curveball. The pandemic swept through, forcing businesses to close and lives to adapt. We weren’t spared. In April, the dreaded news came: layoffs. Uncertainty swirled around me, casting a thick fog over the future.
But instead of succumbing to fear, I decided to pivot. Armed with my expertise and a laptop, I took my consultations virtually. Zoom became my treatment room, the glow of the screen replacing the soft spa lighting. Initially, I offered my services for donations, a way to connect and contribute during a challenging time. But after a few weeks, it became clear – I needed to turn this passion project into a sustainable one. So, I took a leap of faith and started charging for my virtual consultations.


Virtual consultation by Viviane Aires via Zoom in 2020


Those months were a whirlwind of learning and adaptation. I navigated the uncharted territory of online consultations, figuring out lighting, camera angles, and the delicate art of building rapport through a screen. It wasn’t easy, but the positive feedback from my clients fueled my determination. By August 2020, I had a loyal following, a burgeoning virtual practice, and a burning desire to do more.

That’s when Viviane Aires Skin Wellness was born. In October 2020, I took the plunge and opened my skincare haven. Walking into that space for the first time, the blank walls and gleaming equipment buzzing with possibility, was exhilarating. Building my practice, from scratch, was daunting, but also incredibly empowering.



2019 Award Winning Best Esthetician by Philadelphia Magazine

The past few years have been a thrilling rollercoaster. Running my own business is a beautiful mess of creativity, independence, and endless learning curves. I’ve had to wear multiple hats – esthetician, entrepreneur, marketer, cheerleader (for myself and my team!). But through it all, the joy of connecting with clients, helping them achieve their skin goals, and witnessing their confidence blossom has kept me going.

And now, in 2024, I’m embarking on a new chapter. Viviane Aires Skin Wellness is moving! We’re trading our cozy nest for a bigger, more central space in downtown Philly, the Rittenhouse Square. It’s a move brimming with excitement and potential. This new space will allow us to expand our services, welcome more clients, and create an even more inviting haven for all things skin.


Philadelphia NEW Facial Spa that is specialized in skin of color treatment and concerns

My journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Balancing the demands of business with self-care has been a constant struggle. I’ve learned the hard way that neglecting my mental health can sabotage even the most well-laid plans. So, I’m prioritizing self-care like never before. Meditation walks in the park, and cozy nights with my loved ones – these are the new non-negotiables in my schedule.

As I stand here, on the cusp of this exciting new chapter, I’m filled with immense gratitude. To my clients, for trusting me with their skin and their stories. To my team, for their unwavering support and dedication. And most importantly, to myself, for never giving up on that dream of creating a space where skin thrives and spirits soar.

The future of Viviane Aires Skin Wellness is bright, and brimming with possibilities. We’re a team of passionate estheticians, armed with knowledge, experience, and a genuine love for helping people feel their best. So, whether you’re struggling with acne, yearning for a radiant glow, or simply seeking a moment of pampering, we invite you to step into our world. At Viviane Aires Skin Wellness, your skin is our canvas, and your well-being is our masterpiece.

Brazil’s sunshine gave me the touch! Growing up, I learned massage magic there, using my hands to make folks feel good. In America, Twenty years later, I stand tall as a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, the owner of a facial studio born from a pandemic pause and a lifelong dream. So, I got licensed and opened my studio, and soon became Philadelphia’s best esthetician.
Now, seeing clients glow reminds me of home – roots grow strong, even far away.

This is just the beginning. Come, join us on this journey! Book your appointment today!



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