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Spring Allergies: Tips on How to Protect Your Skin

Spring allergies are allergic reactions that occur during the spring season. They are typically caused by pollen from trees, grasses, and other plants that are in bloom during this time of year. Some of the common symptoms of spring allergies…

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Understanding Hormonal Acne and Hyperpigmentation

Dealing with acne can be a frustrating experience, but even more so when it leaves behind dark spots and discoloration on your skin. Hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin, is a common issue for people with acne-prone skin. If you're…

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Microdermabrasion: The Secret to Glowy Skin

Ever wonder how to get those beautiful, poreless skin like a celebrity? Microdermabrasion is the answer. Want to know more about microdermabrasion? What are you waiting for? Let's get started! What is microdermabrasion? A microdermabrasion facial is a quick and…

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