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At Home Tension Release & Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massages

At Home Tension Release & Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massages

Self care is very important to me. We all deserve to give our bodies, mind and skin extra love to relieve stress, build confidence and for overall health and wellness. But sometimes, we can’t pay to treat ourselves to self care. Home remedies are so important to me because I want everyone to have access to the love their bodies deserve. 

With work from home, a pandemic and higher stress than normal, our bodies are being affected more than we realize. A great home remedy for self care is to release this extra tension in our bodies! 

One way to do this is by a self tension release & lymphatic drainage facial massage. How you do this is by starting with a simple skin oil and applying it to your face, neck and shoulders. Then, take your hands and start rubbing in an upwards motions going across your shoulders, up your neck and up your jawline and cheeks.

Continue repeating these motions and adding some pressure as you go. Take it slow, take it easy and always go upwards. 

I aim for 10 motions on each area and each side! Try adding this to your self care routine to relieve stress, decrease muscle tension and drive the gravity of your face up!

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