Pro Tips to Massage Your Face

I got to share tips in a new Philly Mag article "10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home". It is a great post to help you boost your routine. 

One area of high interest for readers is how to massage your face like a pro

Why should you start this now? Face massages are great! The benefits include increasing blood flow and assisting in lymphatic drainage. This helps to eliminate toxins in the body and improve the circulation of nutrients to vital organs.

Here is my step-by-step face massage guide:

Step 1: Breathe
It is okay to relax for a minute. The way we move through the world (starting at our phones, computers, tablets, etc.) causes us to hold a lot of tension in our necks, contributing to the lymphatic stagnation we experience. By taking three long breaths, you send a message to the brain preparing your body for relaxation and released tension.

Step 2: Oil your face
Warm an oil in your hands and apply it all over your face, moving down towards your neck and décolleté. Make sure you are creating a good glide, otherwise you will pull at the skin, creating damage.

Step 3: Scissor fingers
Separate your index finger from your middle finger and place the scissor shape around your ear with your index finger below your earlobe and your middle finger above it. Lightly massage the area in a circular motion to begin stimulating the lymph nodes. This will help to eliminate any stagnation. Repeat seven to 15 times. This will also help to stimulate the absorption of products. (Make sure to maintain your breath as you do this — we are relaxing here.)

Step 4: Knuckle sandwich
Take your index and middle fingers again, but bend at the knuckles as if you are making air quotes. Keeping your fingers in this position, sandwich your jaw bone at your chin between your two knuckles. Slowly move your hands up your jawline towards your ears, ending with the knuckle of your index finger below your earlobe. Repeat three to five times. This will help to define your jawline while also stimulating your glands. Repeat this same process, this time sandwiching your cheekbone between your knuckles, ending with your middle finger towards your temple.

Step 5: Brow lift
There are a lot of acupressure points in the eyebrow, so it is important to give love to this area. Following your brow bone, move your knuckles over the area focusing on an upward motion.

Step 6: Forehead
Moving from the center of your forehead down towards your temple, move your fingers in a circular motion over the area, pulling gently upwards.

Step 7: Back to the neck
Finally, take your hands and put light pressure on either side of your neck, pumping them lightly, five times.

By the end of this massage, your skin will be so relaxed that any products you apply should absorb more quickly and effectively. Finish with a facial moisturizer over your face oil, layering your products for the best results.

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