Palo Santo Trio

Palo Santo Trio

Palo Santo Trio

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PALO SANTO: An ancient incense holy wood, used for healing, meditating, and whole-body stress relief & support. The cleansing energy of Palo Santo sourced from Peru from trees that have finished their life cycle, not from wood cut on living trees. That’s why this holy wood Palo Santo is exclusively hand-picked from the ground. Your Palo Santo is collected from naturally fallen trees & limbs only.

3 Sticks



Hold stick at a 45 degree angle and light with a match or lighter. Let it burn for a few seconds over a fireproof surface or dish, and then gently blow it out. You should be left with a small continuous trail of smoke. To lengthen burn time, gently blow on embers. Carefully wave the smoke around your home to clear surrounding negative energies and invite peace into the space. Open doors or windows to allow smoke and negative energies to vacate. 

Please Smudge Responsibly!

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