Viviane's Signature Facial - “The whole shebang.” 

This Hyper-customized  90 minutes facial begins with a de-stressing welcoming ritual of essential oils to relax and ground you. Based on your skin analysis, your facial will be customized to your specific needs to ensure a clearer, firmer, vibrant looking skin.

In addition, Viviane’s signature sculpting massage combined with high-tech modalities including micro-current, and LED therapy that will treat, lift, sculpt and define the face structured. A facial so delicious, you may just sleep through it.


90 minutes $295

 Sculptural + Lifting Facial + Intra- Oral Massage

This 90 minute two-phase treatment consists of masterful manual manipulation to promote deep relaxation of the facial musculature; improving microcirculation, lymphatic function, tone, and overall appearance of the face.

The first phase consists of external sculptural massage using Yakov Gershkovich Method intended to correct and contour the natural lines of the face. The second phase consists of buccal massage that is simultaneously performed internally and externally within the jaw region, with gloved hands.

*Please note that  Sculptural + Intraoral technique CANNOT  be performed if you have received Botox or filler injections to the face within the past four weeks and active acne. 

90 minutes $350

Gua Sha Fusion Facial with Intra-Oral Massage  a.k.a Buccal Massage

Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique where we bring about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing blockages( tension and toxins), creating space and movement in the underlying structures, so that the skin can function in a healthier state. The Intra-Oral Massage, Yakov Gershkovich Method,  is a total workout for the facial muscles, which are extremely hard to train in any other way.

Results are seen immediately in the form of relieved tension in the inner muscles of the mouth, diminishing facial lines, and a beautiful visible lift. Additionally, there is a natural anti-stress effect to this treatment. Along with Thai Herbal Poultice, a warm herbal compress filled with a blend of organic botanicals that is used to soothe and nourish the facial muscles also relieving tension on the shoulders, neck & crown.

This facial incorporates different modalities based on the healing traditions of Thailand that will help to reduce puffiness, stimulate detoxification, minimize fine lines, lifts, sculpts and releases tension. The combination of these different modalities is a unique transformative approach and experience.

90 minutes $295

Gua-Sha Facial Fusion

Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique where we bring about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing blockages(tension and toxins) creating space and movement in the underlying structures, so that the skin can function healthier.

*Please note that our Gua Sha techniques CANNOT be performed if you have received Botox or filler injections to the face within the past four weeks.

75 minutes $200

The Youthful Facial

This 75-minute age reversing, retexturizing, collagen rebuilding, and blemish reducing facial will address common issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, dark spots, dullness, unevenness, and hyperpigmentation with the use of microcurrent technology and a customizing exfoliating treatment to improve your skin luminosity. 

75 minutes $250

Oxygen Fusion Facial 

Get glowing skin! Fitting for all types of skin, hyperbaric oxygen treatments provide hydration, a healthy glow, and anti -aging effects. With just one oxygen infusion the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. You will look rejuvenated, younger and more radiant. This treatment can also improve uneven skin tone and ward off acne. Results are immediate and cumulative over time. Great for special occasions or soon to be brides. This oxygenating and tightening treatment will leave the pores squeaky clean and the skin brightened. Your skin wil be sculpted, lifted and energized.

75 minutes $250

 The Acne S.O.S Facial

A 75-minute curative and results-driven treatment specially formulated to rescue acne prone skin. This personalized treatment features a customized resurfacing treatment, microdermabrasion, high-frequency combined with LED light therapy, to arrest bacteria, heal inflammation, and prevent future acne breakouts; with special attention given to extractions. You can add, oxygen treatment to boost this amazing customized acne facial. Oxygen skin treatment is known to accelerate wound healing and may also kill bacteria. 

75 minutes $200 ADD ON: Oxygen Treatment $65


Men's Facial  

A specialized treatment, formulated to address the most common skin concerns for men, such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, acne, and sensitivity. This treatment includes a thorough skin analysis followed by a double cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, purifying mask , detox massage and high-frequency treatment, and finishing serums and moisturizer.

75 minutes $195

Add On: Facial Boosters 

*No additional time necessary 

  •  Thai Herbal Poultice (Face Therapy)                         $40
  • Oxygen Fusion                                                            $65
  • Advanced Resurfacing Treatment                            $85
  • Chemical Peel                                                             $85
  • Brightening Anti-Puff  Eye Treatment                       $35
  • Peptide & Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Mask               $40
  • Neck + Decollete Renewing Treatment                    $50
  • Exquisite 3D Hydration Boost. Face. Eye. Neck      $80

* The Thai Herbal Poultice Facial therapy focus on the shoulders, neck, face and crown assisting to unblock tension and puffiness. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Viviane Aires Skin Wellness requires a 48 hour cancellation notice for all appointments. A 50% fee will be charged for missed appointments or those not cancelled prior to the 48 hour notice required.